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Economic Prosperity

Amos will go to Washington to fight for common sense solutions that will work to create jobs here in the 6th District and the country. He would jump-start our economic growth by reforming our tax system so that everyone pays their fair share, upgrading and modernizing our infrastructure, and expanding small business through development loans.

Balanced Budget

Amos will be a leader to bring fiscal responsibility to Washington. We must work to balance our budget and start reducing our debt to ensure that future generations have a healthy economy and a path to prosperity.

Tax Reform

Amos will work on tax reform that will benefit middle class families and small businesses.  Amos will fight to lower taxes on the middle class and small businesses by closing loopholes that benefit big corporations and stunt the growth of our small businesses; and work to create a fair tax system where everyone pays their fair share. 

Immigration Reform

Amos will work to reform immigration first by going after businesses--big or small--who hire undocumented workers over U.S. citizens. He will work to develop an earned path to citizenship where you go to the back of the line and face penalties for having been here illegally. Amos believes that people who have made the decision to come into the country by legal means should not be pushed to the side while someone who has come illegally go to the front of the line, however the United States must work to develop a better, more efficient, and more secure immigration system. Amos will support legislation that expedites the immigration process, makes it more streamlined and secure.

Ending Partisanship

Amos will be a leader in fighting to end the gridlock, petty bickering, and partisanship in Washington. He believes public servants must be accountable to the citizens. Amos will work to ensure that the voices of the 6th District are heard in America’s Chapel of Democracy. He will fight to reform campaign finance by eliminating the monetary influence that special interests and big business use to drown out the voice of the people.

Equal Pay & Ending Inequality

Amos will work and support legislation that will ensure that everyone receives equal pay for equal work. He believes that a worker is worth his or her wage. Amos will work to end income inequality and focus on bringing our country together, instead of letting it drift apart.

Health Care Reform

Amos will work to ensure that all have access to quality and affordable health care, he sees it as basic human right.  Amos will work to lower costs and improve quality by taking insurance companies out of decisions that can only be made by you and your doctors, hold insurance companies accountable, an increase in funding for research of our top diseases, and ensure that people no longer have to choose between food and medicine. 

Medicare & Social Security

Amos will stand up and say NO to the agenda that seeks to cut Medicare and Social Security. Amos will work with colleagues to ensure that future generations have the ability to take part in these great programs. He will work to ensure that instead of cuts we look at better ways of administrating the programs.

Environment/Alternative Energy

Amos will lead the fight to invest in advanced energy solutions like wind, solar, hydro-electric, while updating infrastructure for natural gas and nuclear energy that will bring clean energy jobs to our region. He will work to promote and protect our environment and the natural resources we have in the 6th District; our waterways and mountaintops, and our spectacular natural plateaus. Amos will work to ensure that our parks and natural areas are protected and ensure future generations have the opportunities to visit and enjoy them.

Education Reform

Amos believes that every student deserves equal access to quality education that prepares them for global society. Amos will improve education by investing in teachers, infrastructure for our schools, head start and pre-K programs. He will support funding to higher education students and institutions, making an advanced degree more affordable.

Our Military Men And Women

Amos will work to ensure that those who has, is, or intends to serve in our nation's military, and their families, have the access to benefits they deserve. Amos will make sure that they have high quality health care, outstanding support for their families, access to job training (in and out of the military), and support in the job market by encouraging employers to hire our veterans.


Amos knows that our local family farms are important building blocks to the communities across the district, by having to help family on their farms. Amos will work in Congress to stop the subsidies for large corporate farms that are killing family farms. He'll improve the system for crop insurance, making sure that farmers in Middle Tennessee have access to loans that will help expand and improve their farms, and increase support, funding and awareness for agriculture programs in higher education.

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commented 2014-09-26 02:16:39 -0500 · Flag
We like your ideas and will be supporting you in our community.
commented 2014-03-18 17:23:04 -0500 · Flag
I urge you to get informed on the Trade/Globalization issues. The upcoming vote on the Transpacific Trade Partnership is more vital than most people realize. Please contact the website: The Economy in Crisis
and the Coalition for a Prosperous America to learn more, Thank you.
commented 2014-03-18 17:18:59 -0500 · Flag
I live in another district but I wish you the best. I hope you win. We need
independent folks like you representing Tennessee!